Let’s get creative

Tokyo Creative is a digital agency that bridges the gap between influencer and digital marketing.

Traditional MCNs (Multi Channel Networks) work by mass recruiting, and often lack the support system or marketing expertise to bring out the best in the influencers they manage.

On the flip side, most advertising agencies don’t have in-house managed influencers and the experience to fully integrate influencer campaigns with their digital strategies for maximum synergy. For your business, this means less effective campaigns and a lower ROI for your marketing spend.

That’s where Tokyo Creative comes in. With the region’s top influencer talent under our direct management, combined with the expertise of our international creative and marketing team, we can help your business leverage the immense power of influencer marketing and deliver the value and results you're looking for.


Chris Okano


Chris hails from Los Angeles and is an ice-cream connoisseur. He created his first YouTube account in 2013 and quickly grew it to one of Japan's most popular English YouTube channels, helping numerous companies with their digital marketing efforts along the way.

Through his experiences, he noticed that most traditional MCNs lacked the management and marketing expertise to help grow and support their influencers. This meant less recognition and fewer opportunities for Japanese companies to work with them to reach their audiences.

Chris recognized this gap and was inspired to start Tokyo Creative, a new, better kind of agency that helps both influencers and businesses achieve their goals.