6 McDonalds Toys in Japan We Want Revived in 2018

By Elise Meng | June 12th 2018

Channel your childhood nostalgia by reliving some of the best McDonalds Happy Meal toys to come out of the country of characters itself. Here are some of our top 6 McDonalds toys that we are just begging for McDonalds to bring back into our lives.

1. Travel-size board games

Last November, McDonald’s Japan celebrated the Happy Meal’s 30th anniversary by releasing the cutest McDonalds-themed, travel-sized board games. Some of these mini-games include Game of Life, Twister, Monopoly, Pop-up Pirate and McDonalds playing cards. 

Their first release includes Uno– a card game notorious for destroying relationships. Enjoy your shoe-string fries, cheese burger and drink while you inevitably end your friendships with this McDonalds-themed UNO game. We pray you don’t sit next to someone who drops all their ‘Draw 4’ cards your way!

Source: Sora News 24

2. Super Mario

From the land of its creators, McDonalds collaborates with the Super Mario franchise to produce some of the cutest Happy Meal toys to bring joy to the lives of children… and adults. 

This super cute Super Mario set of eight came with their own individually iconic sound effects– that getting-sucked-into-a-pipe noise, the Mario-hitting-a-block noise and my personal favourite, the jumping-onto-the-flag-at-the-end-of-a-game noise. 

But first, can we just admire how cute Mario looks in his penguin outfit?

Source: The Mary Sue  

3. Pokemon

Pikachu Happy Meal, I choose you! Honestly, if this were still sold today, I would buy it just for the box. How unnecessarily adorable is this packaging?


To celebrate the Pokemon movie and the release of Pokemon Go in 2017, McDonalds joined the frenzy with their very own Pokemon Happy Meal toy range. This collection really takes us back to our childhood: the Pikachu spinners, mini water guns, whistles, cup and ball game, as well as ring toss… I’m lovin’ it! We only wish we were able to catch them all.

4. Funassyi

Ok, we don’t really know what Funassyi is either, but Wikipedia says it’s a pear fairy so we’re going to go with that. The said. “pear fairy” is a proud representative of Funabashi City in the Chiba Prefecture, and has reached the pinnacle of popularity since appearing in a number of TV programs and commercials around Japan.

Funassyi then partnered up with McDonalds in 2016 for their own Happy Meal line with toys that match the character’s crazy, hyperactivity and enthusiastic personality.

Look at these Funassyi’s dressing as McDonald’s members! Some are even dancing!  Pear fairies are actually so cute!?

Source: Sora News 24

5. Rilakkuma

McDonalds… you’ve done it again. The Rilakkuma x McDonalds Happy Meal combo was a match made in heaven. You’ve got all the ergonomic interactions that every toy needs and the cuteness every toy wants. A bear swimming in your coffee? How about snuggling up on your burger?

Just shut up and take our money.

Source: Airfrov

6. Pom Pom Purin

Pom Pom Purin is hands down THE cutest bear-pudding character I have ever known (it has a caramel hat!), and it’s obvious that McDonalds recognised that early on. Disguised as an 8-piece kitchen set, Pom Pom Purin was there to help you with all your kitchen needs– whether it was whisking, measuring out tablespoons or liquids, scraping, or as your own pudding mould!

Source: Mc2Toys

Source: Grapee

Listen McDonalds, we love the stuff you make. To prove it, we’ve even recorded some of our influencers eat your stuff. Your Apple pies are incredible, and your nuggets are worldly. But we’re begging you to think about your next collaboration… maybe with our fav characters Gudetama or Koppu no Fuchiko. That, or bring back the sacred Sichuan Sauce.

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