A Day in the Life in Tokyo with Chris Broad from Abroad in Japan

By Elise Meng | June 12th 2018

Known for his incredible British sarcasm and travel vlogs, Tokyo Creative’s Chris Broad from Abroad in Japan gives us the 411 into a day in his life in Tokyo with BFF Natsuki.


Source: Abroad in Japan

Staying at the Candeo Hotel in Roppongi, Chris shows us the iconic Tokyo skyline just outside his window. Located in Central Tokyo, Candeo Hotel’s view of Tokyo Tower and skyscraper view, as well as your very own ‘Lost in Translation’ moment is indeed its selling point. But will the skyline help detract Chris and Natsuki from their next food adventure?

If you’re a fan of Chris and Natsuki, you know that together, they go big or go home. So of course, their first stop is Iidabashi Kagurazaka Hansen, a restaurant notoriously known for its jumbo menu of Ramen, Issho Chahan (Fried rice) and, what our resident food fighters are up against, the Jumbo Gyoza.  

Source: Abroad in Japan

Like Chris says, this gyoza is obscene in size and scale to say the least. Only able to be ordered 2 days in advance, this giant gyoza is 2.5kgs of meat and oils soaked in bread. This gyoza has a long history of ruining its contenders; there’s absolutely no toilet breaks, and a strict no-vomiting policy. Challengers must clean up their own mess and pay a penalty of 10,000 yen if the gyoza comes out of your mouth instead of keeping it going in.

If you want to see Chris and Natsuki attempt this challenge (and perhaps puke a little), check in next week for a full run through of their time at Iidabashi Kagurazaka Hansen. All we can say is… good luck lads.

Next up on the days agenda is a visit to the Tokyo Creative office. On his road to world-wide fame, Natsuki (or as he has aptly named himself, ‘Mr Natsuki F**king Crazy Abroad’) is pumped and ready to try his hand at making Japanese gummy snacks with host Emma from Tokidoki Traveller.  

As a true representative of the Abroad in Japan channel, Natsuki selects the staple sushi as his box of choice. With Natsuki… there’s really nothing you can predict so just know that when you watch this video, you’re getting undirected hilarity and absurdity at its purest form. Natsuki was a great guest of Tokyo Creative and a fabulous co-host to Emma, so check out the video below:


If you’re wondering why Natsuki keeps whipping out a sword or mentioning Kill Bill in the video, it’s because he’s extremely excited to visit the Gonpachi restaurant in Roppongi. As a huge Kill Bill buff myself, Gonpachi is a must-go for all us Taratino fans.

Source: The City Lane

This place inspired the final showdown between The Bride (Uma Therman) and O-Ren’s posse (Lucy Liu) at the House of Blue Leaves. Seriously though, the architecture and design of this place will take you back to the forever-scarring scene of Gogo Yubari walking down the stairs swinging her meteor hammer and chain.

Terrifying stuff.

But as Chris mentioned, it’s a tourist trap. If you’re not a huge fan of Kill Bill or you’re hoping to catch O-Ren and the Crazy 88 just hanging out, then this place might not be ideal for you.

Despite Tokyo Creative’s little shout out in Chris’s video, we’re not just “taste testing sake” all day! If you want more Abroad in Japan, get to know him from his chat with Shizuka Anderson or just watch Chris trying out Japanese McDonalds.

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