Abroad in Japan is back

By Elise Meng | August 9th 2018

Finally, one of our favourite Youtubers Chris from Abroad in Japan is back on our feeds and has announced what he has been planning for these last couple of months.

Starting the video strong with a little shout-out from BFFL Brian Cranston, Chris explained why he was silent for a solid 2 months (we missed ya buddy) due to… the Engrish he found on his French bread packaging?

Deep bread

Incredible find Chris. That one’s definitely going into the books. 

But seriously, these last two months, Chris has been putting his all in what he does best: video-making, and his efforts have not gone to waste because his documentary on Natsuki was... well, as whacky as Natsuki himself. Note to remember guys: let’s all retire from all the hate messages Natsuki has gotten for that Karl Marx act. If you’ve watched the documentary that far, you’d know that he most definitely didn’t know who Karl Marx was. Like Chris mentions, Natsuki probably thought he was Charles Dickens, due to their “crackin’ good beards”.


Okay, seriously now– Chris’s new 200 kilometre adventure cycling around the different towns and cities of Japan is going to be epic. Not just for Chris, whose constant goal has been to be physically fitter, but for us, the viewers, who will be able to watch daily videos of his progress. We think there will be quite a lot of highs and lows (and we’re not just describing the land terrain), but it will also be interesting to see how he’s able to combat those, and the hidden gems that Chris finds in every city. 

Now, with all of Chris’s pre-training (get them gains brother) he’s doing on his stairs at home, he’ll be ready to pump out 2000 kilometres of cycling by September– no worries! Just keep up with those protein shakes, those Kim Kardashian recommended #flattummy products, and you’ll be right buddy.

Trying to summon his inner Casey Neistat, Chris is going to aim to belt out daily videos that are just as engaging as his usual videos– for us, his viewers. In the truest and simplest way, Chris explains that his intentions of showing us what Japan is like, brought about his adventure but also his podcast with co-host Pete Donaldson. Who, we hear, is also best friends with Chris Pratt… so um, when is the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out? We’re just asking for a friend… 

Already one of the highest-rated Japanese related podcasts on iTunes, don’t forget that you can also tune in by listening on Android, iTunes, or stream online.  

But yeah mate, starting the video by drinking clear Coca-cola and then going on to chat about how you’ll be the fittest you’ve ever been, probably isn’t the best way to convince us. But what’s an Abroad in Japan video without a big-call like that? Either all, we’ve missed your face, and we’ll be supporting you 100% of the way. Thanks for a great 6 years mate, and we can't wait to see more of you! 

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