Kim Dao's 100 Things to do in Tokyo, Japan

By Elise Meng | May 29th 2018

Here at Tokyo Creative, we want to show the world the wonders of the place that we call home. Even if you’re visiting Tokyo soon or just interested in Japan, Australian beauty and travel influencer Kim Dao has got you covered. Living a year of her life in Tokyo, Kim was able to compile a list of all her cultural and social recommendations that you can take part in in Tokyo. Follow her recommendations to see the best places to shop, play, travel, and relax.

Tokyo view

Now, no one knows efficiency and expediency like convenience stores in Japan. Selling everything you need– from bento boxes to formal blouses– convenience stores are backing you up. Not to mention, the line of vending machines that exist on every street. This is the city’s cute way of reminding you to hydrate, so don’t forget to grab a hot drink while you explore the streets of Tokyo!

Starting off, see Tokyo from new heights as Kim gives us the option to see the hustle and bustle from the Government Building, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, or Daikanransha Ferris Wheel. Seeing the shuffling of the notorious Shibuya crossing from above is only the start of your adventure with Kim.

Tokyo Train Ride Sunset

OK OK OK, we know you’ve heard all the hype around the Japanese transport system, but it’s really something you need to experience first-hand. Trains that come on time? Who would’ve guessed it would be that hard?! Get to where you want to be swiftly with these networks, because once you ride a bus, train or monorail in Tokyo, you’ll see how Tokyo has gained the title of the ‘futuristic city’.

Too excited to sleep? Kim has also got your back– your answer to all quality budget accommodation options can be solved by capsule hotels. With lots of privacy, comfort and amenities, capsule hotels prove to be a great option for those who are excited to be out and about and want no hassle with accommodation bookings.

Kim is Kim, so an insight into one of many Tokyo Pokemon stores and recommendations for Pokemon-themed food and events is only expected. But a sea of yellow with black tipped ears in her video is almost comparable to the mother of all characters: Mickey Mouse. Yes, Tokyo has a Disneyland– and not just one. If you visit, Kim’s top recommendations are to see Cinderella’s Castle and stay until 8pm for the fireworks and light displays for a more magical experience.

Pikachu plushies Pokemon store Tokyo

True to her hidden geeky nature, Kim also takes us through some of the must-go entertainment centres, iconic to the Tokyo reputation: game centres and Akihabara. Topped up with an infinite amount of UFO catchers, gacha-pon machines, manga and anime figurines, puri-kura, and electronic devices, it’s no wonder you’ll see students fill this place after their classes. Only in Akihabara, will you be able to find your dream anime girl merchandise.

For all you make up hoarders (e.g.: myself), Kim has also mentioned central spots to grab your essential beauty fixes; Don Quixote, drugstores and It’s Demo are decked out with all the skincare one could ask for, with cute character collaborations like Sailor Moon, Disney princesses, and Card-Captor Sakura. Collect exclusive character makeup items at these stores to complete your final transformation.

Tokyo Shibuya 109
Following the shopping spree, it’s only right that Kim mentions the ultimate Tokyo shopping experience at Shibuya 109. If you’ve watched any of her other videos, you know that Kim has definitely shopped till she dropped here. Otherwise, if you’re keen on seeing authentic Japanese Lolita or street fashion, Harajuku is the place you have to be. See Kim’s glimpse into the daily hustle of Harajuku’s Takeshita Street, before chowing down on a couple of the many Harajuku street foods: crepes and cotton candy.

Despite all the advanced technology that Tokyo is internationally known for, Kim also shows us a more traditional side of Tokyo at the Imperial Palace, Sensoji and Meiji Temple. If you received a bad omikuji, she’ll also shows us how to ease stress with an onsen at Oedo Onsen Monogatari by playing games, soaking your feet and of course, eating great food.

Tokyo Temple

Covering a variety of Japanese cuisine, Kim winds through the small alleyways filled with Izakaya’s in Memory Lane (Omoide Yokocho) to the famous curry udon dishes served at Tsurutontan. Probably, one of the most important tips of Kim’s video is the underground food markets and restaurants in Tokyo Station, where eight of the best ramen restaurants in Tokyo all live. There are also places where you can buy Japanese snacks for cheap, which will guarantee those extra brownie points with your friends and family back home, so stock up all the different Kit-Kat flavours you can before you go.

As Kim mentions, Tokyo is a place of weird and wonderful activities, with even better food experiences. Sure, there might be situations where you ask yourself ‘why Japan?’ but when you’re experiencing your very own ‘Lost in Translation’ moment in a Karaoke room, Kim Dao can assure you, that it’ll all be worth it.

Tokyo Asakusa Kim Dao

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