The Case of Clear Drinks

By Elise Meng | July 6th 2018

Here at Tokyo Creative, we’re closely following this clear drink trend with open arms. With the newest release of the clear beer-but-not by Suntory (shameless plug but watch our cover of the product here), we thought a little recognition should go out to some of the OG products that #blessed us with the ability to drink in the office.

1. Coca-Cola’s Clear Coke

Containing no sugar, no calories, and no colour, is Coca-Cola’s new clear coke line– an addition to the minimalist drink trend here in Japan.

According to Coca-Cola, this new Clear Coke is a different formula to that of its 'Tab Clear' ancestor produced in the early 90s. In fact, this new product was based off the company’s April Fool’s Day prank back in April this year, where they released a fake campaign advertising an ‘Invisible Coke’.

Whether this is another Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi rivalry stunt or not, find out what we have to say about Clear Coke? Check it out here:

**SPOILER: It tastes slightly different– maybe not regular Coca Cola, but a lemonier version of Diet Coke.

Source: TokyoTreat

2. Milk Tea

We think this clear Milk tea drink was the product that put Japan on the map for its clear drinks– and for good reason!

In September 2017, Japanese beverage company, Suntory, released their second product in line with the clear drink series, and introduce the world to transparent milk tea.  According to the label, the company uses tea and milk-derived ingredients to stimulate the taste of milk. Upon opening the clear milk tea, you can smell a slight tea smell. Otherwise, the taste of sugar is a tad overwhelming, with just a little taste of tea and milk.

Source: JapanToday

3. Latte

Following the series of turning milk transparent, the clear latte is next in your line of best-drinks-with-your-breakfast options.


Source: DesignTaxi  

On the back of the bottle, the product description outlines how the clear latte came to be: 

“Take out all the unnecessary extras, and you’re left with something clear[transparent]. This colourless latte has the aroma of an espresso and a mature, startling sweetness that lingers after each sip. Our home-brewed “Clear Latte” recipe distils the latte experience down to its delicious essentials. It’s a brand new latte that you can gulp down just as easily as the natural water it’s made from.“

Containing as little as 10 calories and no caffeine, frankly, we’re wondering what the point is then. Why must everything bad for us be so good?

Source: SoraNews24

4. Yoghurt Water

The first and hopefully last of a clear tasting dairy product– Yoghurt Water! This product is Suntory’s peak of innovation, and in early 2015, the beer and whiskey company released a cold clear Yoghurt drink, best enjoyed, again, for breakfast?

Source: Suntory

The beverage label shows a spoon scooping out some yoghurt (which we thought was sugar) and contains 124 calories for the entire 515 millilitre bottle. The drink is made with lux sour whey from Hokkaido, and surprisingly is very good. Although not as creamy as normal yoghurt, this yoghurt drink is surprisingly really delicious and actually has a yoghurt-y taste to it.

5. Lemon and Peach Tea

We’re grouping all the fruit-related ones together because we’re convinced that the process of preparing these clear drinks are similar… that, or Japan’s ability to turn anything transparent might be a form of witchcraft.

The parent of Suntory’s Morning Milk tea is their Premium Morning Lemon and Peach Tea, and although you might be starting to think that clear drinks are incredibly artificial, perhaps not with these products.

Source: FoodBev

Suntory also came out with a video that shows how black tea can be made transparent with, you guessed it, ~science~. Something like the tea leaves aren’t in full contact with water, so the taste of the tea is extracted from evaporation, giving it an almost real-black tea flavour.

See here for yourself and maybe you can help us understand it better:

6. Clear beer

Ok, with this product, we’ve definitely concluded Japan is practicing some kind of witchcraft by making beer clear.

Suntory is back at it again with the clear plastic bottled beer– that doesn’t contain any alcohol?

We guess, taking influence from Coca Cola’s recent clear, zero-calorie Coke, Suntory has also released a zero-calorie beer that contains zero-alcohol. Sold in cans and glass bottles, the drink called “All-free All-time” was designed to replicate the feeling and atmosphere of knocking back and cracking open a cold one with the boys in the office.

Drinking a beer in the office while not actually drinking actual beer is the actual campaign for this product as Suntory seems to encourage All Free All Time to be consumed at arm’s reach on your desk at work in their introduction video. So, we’re excited to try it here at Tokyo Creative, but don’t mind us if we just happen to forget posting for a while… 

Source: SoraNews24

We know that it may not be that interesting– after all, there are already drinks out there that are already both flavoured and colourless like Sprite, Vodka, Ramune etc. But it just seems like Japan is pulling another Japan, by making the every-day drink blow your mind by making it look like water!

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