Top 10 Beauty Products to Buy in Japan

By Elise Meng | June 5th 2018

We all know that Asian beauty products are ahead of the skincare race– there's masks for your fingernails and your feet– so it’s no wonder the rest of the world thinks that ‘Asian don’t raisin’.

 Despite beauty giants like Korea dominating the skincare scene, Japan’s global reputation of having the weirdest and craziest beauty products (the Beauty Face Expander, the Breast Gym Hand massager, Face Trainers– honestly Japan, the list goes on) can be misleading. More than that, do they even work? 

Have no fear lovelies– our team here at Tokyo Creative did the dirty work and researched some of the best Japanese beauty products that honestly work like a charm.

Check out some previous recommendations we have also suggested to you: 

1. Shiseido MAQuillAGE Eyebrow Styling 3D – Raising your brow game

Tired of spending 15 minutes every day trying to get that perfect arch? Shiseido’s MAQuillAGE Eyebrow Styling 3D Palette will definitely come to your rescue with a palette of both subtle and darker shades. The microfibers in the palette call for a more natural looking fill, giving you those extra hairs, you always wish you had.

Source: Everglow Cosmetics


2. FlowFushi’s 38℃ Lips – Hot hot hot

I know I said that Japanese beauty products are not all weird, but this one leans a little towards that side. FlowFushi’s 38℃ Lip Treatment is supposed to give you that fresh fever look without the fever; slightly flushed, a little bit more vibrant and of course, hot.

Each colour is named after your rising temperature and is more on the opaque side. If you’re looking for an amazing top lip layer that will give you gloss, moisture, sun protection (SPF20++) and subtle vibrancy, definitely try FlowFushi’s 38C Lips. 

Source: Luxella

3. Three Radiant Wand Concealer – Hide your luxury eye bags

For all those 2am Netflix binge marathons, take care of yourself the day after by hiding the dark rings of shame under your eyes with Three’s stick concealer, the Radiant Wand Concealer. As a medium to full coverage product, we understand the fears of dryness and sticking to pores. But as far as we know, Three’s concealer acts like a primer and moisturiser, nourishing while creating a barrier between the product and your skin.

Source: BonBon Cosmetics

If you’re not fully convinced by this level of nourishment, we recommend you try:

4. DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil – the cult classic

It sounds borderline ridiculous to be mixing oily faces with olive oil, but if you’re a fan of this product already, you know that it does wonders to your pores and hydrating your skin. DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil is there for you after a night of stunting a full face of makeup, removing all traces of makeup and sunscreen residue.

 Source: Takaski

5. Hadalabo Shirojun Albutin Lotion – Tone it up!

I heard all the rave about this product before purchase, and I must say, as someone who has extremely sensitive skin, Hadalabo’s Shirojun Albutin Lotion works impeccably to minimise pores and balancing irregular skin textures. 

Source: Amazon


6. Kose Sekkisei Emulsion – Washing your tears away

Kose Sekkisei Emulsion is a mix of all the herbs, oils, vitamins and extracts that our skin craves for. Used as a morning or night time moisturiser, the Kose Sekkisei Emulsion contains Jobi seeds (aka Job’s tears), making it rich in nutrients, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory by nature. 

Source: YamiBuy


7. MiMC Moisture Milk – Powder lotion?

Stirring up commotion on Twitter since its relaese was MiMC’s Moisture Milk: a powder lotion. Made exclusively with silk powder, it’s only expected that it leaves your skin feeling super smooth and bouncy. It’s a little on the pricier side, but if you can make my skin feeling 10 years younger AND manage to transform lotion into powder, then take my money!

Source: Japan Trend Shop

8. ZuboLabo Night Time Lotion Wipes – My personal holy grail

If you’re anything like me and occasionally cannot be bothered to go through the whole 7-step skin care routine every night, then sisters, this is the product for us. Literally named after the Japanese word “zubora” (meaning sloppy), this product is the holy grail, all-in-one solution for all my fellow lazy ladies. This product not only removes makeup but tones AND moisturises your skin. 

Source: Japan Trend Shop

Don’t throw away your other skincare products though because this next product will give you that iconic glass skin finish.

9. Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder – An oldie but a goodie

A product that our very own Tokyo Creative influencer Kim Dao swears by is Kanebo’s Suisai Beauty Clear Powder. This DIY facial cleanser is extremely moisturising, travel-friendly, and great at acne prevention.

Yes, yes, we know that this product was trending back in 2016, but hey, if it still gets our skin feeling like baby’s bottom then how can we not include this on our list.

Source: LeLong

10. Canmake’s Presto Marshmallow Matte Finish Powder – Complete your look

The perfect ‘No make-up, make-up look’ can be defined into one product: Canmake’s Presto Marshmallow Matte Finish Powder. Travel safe, soft and smooth on the skin, this powder makes it hard for anyone to notice red spots, acne scars or dullness.

Source: Amazon


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