Weird Ice Cream Flavours you can find in Japan

By Elise Meng | July 26th 2018

Sesame, sweet potato or citron sherbet ice cream are far too vanilla for us here at Tokyo Creative, so we’ve been on the look-out for some strange and new ice cream flavours that can be found in Japan. Whether they taste good or not is beside the point– how often can you say you’ve tried black egg-flavoured ice cream? 

Here’s a little background on what we mean when we say strange: matcha? Too normal for us now. When we’re talking about unconventional ice cream flavours, we’re talking about creaming some fish up and swirling it into a waffle cone-type flavour.

So, here’s the scoop on some of our wackiest ice cream flavours that you can find in Japan:

Ramen Ice Cream

What’s Japan without Ramen? To be honest, are you really surprised that Japan created a Ramen ice cream? Quite frankly, we say, about time!

There’s been previous attempts at making Ramen ice cream, but from what we’ve heard, they haven’t been that great. Nissin’s famous cup noodles are loved everywhere but putting freeze-dried beef toppings on top of ice cream might be going a little overboard.

Source: Today

 Not to mention the unfortunate ‘Miso Ramen Ice cream’ that came out almost 5 years ago, where you can see the little narutomaki and bamboo shoots frozen in between the milky miso-flavoured ice cream.

Sources: Iroiro, Fine Dining Lovers

But recently, we’re happy to announce: Japan’s done it, ladies and gentlemen. All props go towards ramen snack company, Baby Star.

So, this is Baby Star’s popular Ramen snack that is basically crushed up dried ramen noodles. The extreme popularity of this product has paved the way for Baby Star to create their own Baby Star Ramen Ice cream, topped with their very own nationally-loved treat!


Here’s our Tokyo Creative team member Shizuka Anderson with her first impressions:

Oyster Soft Cream

Feeling classy and bougie, but also yearning for a not-so-good-for-you meal? Well, there’s a market in Okayama where serving and selling fresh seafood is their pride and joy. I guess their seafood pride is also passed onto their ice cream flavours because they are notoriously selling their Oyster ice cream– two fried oysters, topped with the sashimi soy sauce to create an oddly sweet-savoury taste.

 With a lot of media coverage and is extremely popular for being odd on the Internet, many have said that the combination unexpected fits well with each other… if you just ignore the fact that they’re two oysters and that it’s not chocolate sauce topping.  

Source: Okayama 

Natto Ice Cream

We’re sure you’ve heard of natto and its wonderful textures and smells, but now you can enjoy it sprinkled (lathered?) on top and served to you lookin’ all… beany. But hey, if you’re around the Hokkaido area, check out Tokachigawa-onsen for your freshly natto flavoured ice cream.

Source: Tablelog

Anything from Kita No Aisu Ya San in Hokkaido

This special ice cream flavour can be found in Hokkaido’s city of Otaru, a touristy town about an hour or so outside of Sapporo by train. Off the beaten track is a small ice cream shop called Kita No Aisu Ya San or The Ice cream shop of the North, which serves up some of the strangest flavours with one of the best Hokkaido ice cream bases that we’re absolutely psyched to try.

Here are some highlights:

Sea Urchin

Right next to the matcha ice cream tub is sea urchin flavoured ice cream. Tell me, does this:

look like it would be appetising? 

Anytime that I’ve heard of a sea urchin flavoured ice cream, it’s usually in the bed of caviar or at a fancy restaurant, but here you can have it along the small streets of Hokkaido!

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble substance and helps the human body generate energy as it’s mostly found in the heart, liver and the kidney. So, they’ve… literally turned a vitamin into an ice cream at this place.

Don't be fooled though! If you think you have enough Coenzyme Q10, and need another health benefit, you can also order the: 

Marine/Fish Collagen

Now you can’t have too much fish oil! The elastin in fish collagen allows for tissue strength and resiliency, helping prevent tissue damage and disease– which basically means: this ice cream will make you invisible and you will forever be young.

300 yen for eternal youth? What an incredible deal.


Namco Namja Town

Another shout out to our go-to place for strange ice cream places is Namco Namja Town in Ikebukuro. A theme park known for its obsession with cats, it’s array gyoza, and its incredible range of ice cream flavours.

Here’s a list of some of the flavours they offer, ordered by ‘standard’ to ‘what the heck’:

60 yen range:

  • Golden Vanilla
  • Salt of Okhotsk
  • Hokkaido Shirataki Potato Ice Cream (See! Potato flavoured ice cream is so basic)
  • Aomori apple sherbet
  • Yamanashi peach sherbet
  • Icecrin (vanilla sherbet)
    Citron Sherbet
    Ponkan (Orange) sherbet

90 yen range:

  • Ice freshly squeezed (milk ice cream)
  • Strawberry Mille-feuille (for the fancy fellows out there)
  • Double cheese
  • Shark fin noodle ice cream
  • Miso noodle ice cream
  • Indian curry ice cream
  • Beef tongue ice cream
  • From Zao double mango
  • Pearl ice cream (milk ice cream with powder of pearl)
  • Tulip gelato
  • White shrimp gelato
  • Hyuganatsu (Japanese citrus) ice cream
  • Guava sherbet
    Milk Coffee

100 yen range:

  • Haskap (Japanese berry) and chocolate
  • Mascarpone Cheese
  • Roasted green tea ice cream
  • Homemade ice cream corn
  • Homemade ice cream rose
  • Homemade ice cream crab
  • Golden tomatoes with soybean
  • Vegetarian white sesame (we’re confused by this… as opposed to meat-flavoured white sesame?)
  • Milk
  • Rum Rasin
  • Japanese plum sherbet
  • Avocado milk gelato
  • Soy milk sherbet
  • Yametya (Green tea) ice cream

120 yen range:

  • Royal milk tea
  • Butternut (pumpkin) ice cream
  • Coal ice cream (exclusive to all the kids who have been naughty during the year)
  • Eel ice cream
  • Kakegawa deep steamed (green) tea
  • Wasabi Ice cream
  • Mediterranean blood orange sherbet

  • Oyster gelato (ayyy lmao)
  • Grape gelato
    Grilled eggplant ice cream

150 yen range:

  • Strawberry milk of Benihoppe (Japanese bougie strawberry)
  • Basil ice cream
  • Imperial vanilla with honey
  • Shizuoka cantaloupe sherbet

210 yen range:

  • Whisky (3.3% alcohol)
  • Cassis orange (3.3% alcohol)

Source: Appetite for Japan, SoraNews24


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