What is Tokyo Creative and why is everyone talking about it?

By Chris Okano | May 23rd 2018

You may have seen a tweet or an Instagram story from one of our managed influencers about Tokyo Creative but what really is Tokyo Creative and why are we different?

  • We aren’t just another MCN (Multi Channel Network) - companies that gather as many YouTubers as possible, take a percentage of their YouTube adsense and more often than not, fail to deliver on their promises.


  • We aren’t just another talent agency - companies that control their talent, their social media, their lives (many are restricted from dating, etc.) and more often than not, at least in Japan, have a pretty shady talent/manager relationship.


  • We aren’t just another advertisement agency - we have a holistic marketing approach that will meet all of your social media marketing needs (more described later).

So what is Tokyo Creative?

Tokyo Creative is a digital agency that bridges the gap between influencer and digital marketing. Traditional MCNs (Multi Channel Networks) work by mass recruiting, and often lack the support system or marketing expertise to bring out the best in the influencers they manage.

On the flip side, most advertising agencies don’t have in-house managed influencers and the experience to fully integrate influencer campaigns with their digital strategies for maximum synergy. For your business, this means less effective campaigns and a lower ROI for your marketing spend.

That’s where Tokyo Creative comes in. With the region’s top influencer talent under our direct management, combined with the expertise of our international creative and marketing team, we can help your business leverage the immense power of influencer marketing and deliver the value and results you're looking for.

Why are we different?

Tokyo Creative’s mission is to build a brand around our name. When you work with Tokyo Creative or want to join Tokyo Creative as an influencer, you are partnering yourself or your business with a team, a community of passionate influencers and marketers who want you or your business to succeed.

Our services include everything social media related. We provide your business with market research, media creation, social media management and influencer marketing. As a business, wouldn’t you want consulting and direct management on how to grow your social media presence from an actual influencer who has proven they know what content does well? How to shoot that content? And a strategy that will help leverage your business over your competitors? That is Tokyo Creative.

We also only hand-select influencers that we believe we can help. This isn’t because we want to seem “exclusive”. It’s a waste of your time and our time, if we aren’t able to help you meet your goals. For this reason, when you want to do business with Tokyo Creative, we are confident that are managed influencers will deliver as promised.

Just like our process for onboarding new influencers, the same goes for how we onboard new clients. We get hundreds of business inquires a month. We carefully hand-select the businesses that we honestly believe can get your business the best return on investment possible. We aren’t here to cash a quick check. Just like how we believe in our hand-selected influencers, we want you, as a business, to feel secure when doing business with us.

Good business starts with trust. This is how Tokyo Creative was able to become the fastest growing digital agency last month with the majority of the English speaking YouTubers living in Japan under our direct management. If you are an influencer or a business that would like to engage in influencer marketing, please feel free to reach out to us on our homepage.

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