Company Announcement

October 1st 2019

Before we begin, we would like to thank each and every member of the Tokyo Creative community for the support that we continue to receive from all of you. We would also like to make an extended thank you to all TC Learn members for their direct support of the platform, we are thankful to have been able to produce content that we hope has been beneficial for everyone wanting to know more about becoming an influencer and day to day Japanese life.

In recent months, Tokyo Creative has had to undergo some quite significant changes in both structure and direction. It has been an extremely challenging time for everyone involved with the company, with every single member of the team making significant sacrifices for its future.

We are happy to announce that things have now started to settle and we can finally start to look towards the future. To get to this point, the company's direction has had to come under tight scrutiny and changes have been made to both personnel and focus. We'd like to publicly thank staff members who persevered in recent months and have now moved on to new opportunities, but are still very much part of the Tokyo Creative family.

TC Learn is a platform that we're all very proud of, however we have had to conclude that we simply cannot dedicate the level of attention required to ensure that it continues to offer value for money. The changes that will be made to the platform are as follows:

1.) TC Learn will no longer be a subscription based service.

With immediate effect, we will no longer operate TC Learn as a subscription based service, meaning that you will no longer be charged an automatic fee to access it.

To express our gratitude yourself and other members of the TC Learn community who continue to support us, we are happy to inform you that you will continue to have access to the full TC Lean library at no cost.

In the future, brand new TC Learn users will be able to purchase access to the full library for a one time fee.

2.) TC Learn Video production will cease

We currently have several releases planned for TC Learn including videos from Abroad in Japan and Jake'n'Bake, however there is no schedule to create new videos beyond 2019.

We apologize for the suddenness of the above changes and would like to express that have only made them out of absolute necessity.

We will continue to have offline events and live streams and will be able to do so at a far more frequent rate than recently possible. Announcements for each will be made on our corporate website and our Instagram account. Former TC Learn subscribers will continue to receive discounted ticket prices for offline events.

Finally, we would like to unreservedly thank our influencers who have all given us their full support during these times of uncertainty. We look forward to getting back to what we love doing, making fun, insightful content about Japan!

Thank you all for your support, we are truly grateful.

The Tokyo Creative Team