Kelvin is a Voice Over Actor and Director, with on Screen and Stage experience that began at a young age. This paved the way for his diverse and growing International career. For over 15 years, Kelvin has worked on Radio and TV Commercials, Promos, Narrations, Anime, Video Games, AI and Animation. Within Japan, he works with NHK World, as well as a host of other clients. Notably, Kelvin played a part in the remake of the popular series Shinya! Tensai Bakabon on Japanese TV and Netflix Japan. He was the only non Japanese cast member, working alongside the voices of Pikachu (Pokmon), Satsuki (My Neighbor Totoro) and Haku (Spirited Away). Clients continue to trust Kelvin to be pitch perfect for their brands because they know he brings so much skill to every session with "on the money" delivery that make his audio projects for any media a stand out.
Languages : English, Japanese Origin : Australia Genre : Voice Acting Location Demographic :
Australia, Japan, USA
Age Demographic :
25 ~ 34, 18 ~ 24, 35 ~ 44